Who Am I?

After watching hours of how-to videos about blogs, I’m excited to start this one. The internet gurus recommended that I “write informally” and “show my personality”. So, I will attempt to do so—and I hope y’all survive it.

Who am I?

Or rather, as I think you are more interested in, how am I?

Let me get you started with a slew of self-descriptors that I endorse:

West-African (Edo-Nigerian) Youth. American “Citizen”. Speaks The Wrong Language. Female. Family-Oriented. (For Lack of a Better Term,) African Centrist. Pro-Black. Intelligent. Reserved. Passionate. Proud. Boss. Blunt. Vindictive. Persistent. Avid Reader (Dystopian, Fantasy, Philosophy, Fiction, Activist Texts, etc.). Competitive. Scientist. Creative. Liberal. Religious Skeptic. High-Strung. Low-Key Clairvoyant. Human Lie Detector. Low-Key Germophobe. Occasionally Oblivious. Fledgling Mystic. Definition Of: ‘If Looks Could Kill’. Anachronistic. Dislocated Royalty. Homebody With A Bad Case of Wa