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And: comatose.

When will these animators, writers, and story-tellers in the western (and western-adjacent) world learn that you


build a story line for a villainous African or Black character


needing to resort to slavery, their African heritage/Blackness, or social oppression as their villain origin story???


Black people have personalities that you can use as the basis of their villain origin story.

Just like other people, some Black people are associative and social, and others are not.

There are Black people who are just...bad people.

Imagine this Black villain: She's smart. Beautiful. She's rich. She has everything...Why would she steal, rape, and kill so???

When asked, she'd reply: "Because I want to."


There are Africans who just...don't care about anything.

Yes! There are Nietzsche-ass Africans out there: show them to us.

Let them be our villains, and psychologically dress us down. Let them tell us in our birthday suits why our attachments to life and religion are not only meaningless, but: droll.

There are Black people who destruction.

Yes! Give us the Black people who'd eloquently argue that anarchy is a cage, and that true freedom or meaning could only be found in absolute chaos. For instance:

Love and life for breakfast.

Carnage for lunch.

And meditation in nature for dinner,

with a bedtime lullaby of swarming flies on the remains of the carcasses outside.


"How...'kill or be killed'!

How... natural and authentic."

They'd say.

LOL, anyways.

I, for one, am SICK of the 2D characters:

The petty thugs in gangs.

The mere drug-dealers or roving bucks.

I'm sick of Black villains that are side-kicks, helping to promote someone else's evil plan. I want them to have their own!!! (I reject characters like Bleach's Kaname Tosen!)

I'm sick of Africans being portrayed as victims/aggressors due to their heritage! (Why the heck is Abengane getting ate up by his own Voodoo powers? Afrophobic much??? Why is Dr. Facilier, aka "The Shadow Man" from The Princess and the Frog getting dominated by his own powers??? AND: As I said in my other post on this: how DARE these (likely) People of non-Color fashion him after Papa Legba???! How sacrilegious and intrepid!!! If I am to respect Mohammed, the Virgin Mary, Buddha, and Confucius, why NOT Papa Legba??? You don't see anybody in the west/west-adjacent world fashioning villains after the Virgin Mary!)

I'm sick of Black retaliation schemes against white supremacy being demonized just for a villain's plot. (I reject Black Panther's Killmonger.)

I'm SIIICCCCKKKKKKK of the African ex-slave troupe!!! Sick of seeing them practicing displacement. Sick of seeing them lash out all over the place due to being dehumanized all their lives. (I reject Castlevania's Isaac, shown left.)

Didn't you clowns hear Booker T. Washington???

He said:

UP FROM SLAVERY, goddamn it!!!

And now, I add to that with a very hearty:


Authors, animators and story-tellers: This can't be the best you've got.


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