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  • I am not African, nor am I a member of the African diaspora. May I join the Oligarchy anyway?"
    Yes, you may join The Oligarchy even if you are not African or a member of the African Diaspora. However, please note that ALL events cater specifically to Africans and the African diaspora. This will not be changed for anyone at all.
  • How do you all choose which content to review?
    Great question! For movies, we keep a close eye on reactions on social media, sites like Rotten Tomatoes, and national Box Office data. We also take recommendations from each other and keen-eyed members. For most other content, our methods are similar, except we add online platforms like Netflix and Hulu to the mix.
  • Can we make suggestions about which media should be reviewed by The Oligarchy?
    Yes! We encourage suggestions from members on which movies to review.
  • Do we work with other brands or companies?
    Yes, we love to collaborate with other like-minded brands and businesses. If you are interested in working with us please shoot us an email at
  • Are you hiring interns/assistants?
    No, unfortunately we are not hiring at the moment.
  • When is the next event?
    The in-person events typically take place a few times a year. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 our schedule has been disrupted. Please subscribe to our blog and pay attention to your email for notifications regarding upcoming events.
  • Are the in-person events only in Washington, DC?"
    No. Although most of our events are in Washington, DC, we hold events elsewhere as well. The locations for our events are based on the strength of responses we receive from our followers.
  • What shirt sizes do you all carry?
    We carry standard sizes of xsmall, small, medium, large and xlarge.
  • Where does The Oligarchy ship to?
    We are able to ship globally and shipping times may vary. You can always contact us if you have any inquiries.
  • How quickly do you fulfill orders?
    The orders will typically arrive within 7-10 business days (unless you pay for expedited shipping).
  • What is the turnaround time for inquiries made by email?
    Please allow 48 hrs for a member to connect with you.
  • What is the turnaround time for inquiries made by phone?
    The usual turn-around time for inquires made via phone is 1 week.
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