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Where Have We Seen This Before???

I've got no time for the uninformed today.


I'll get straight to the point:

This hurts.

This is gross.

But: this is familiar.

Where have we seen this before?

Oh yeah.

We saw it here:

The Biden Administration is Turning A Blind Eye...

Listen to Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary respond to questions about this issue. Listen to this woman, who serves as the media mouthpiece for one of the most surveillance-heavy nations in the world. Listen to her deflect and act as if she wasn't informed enough to make comments--not even moral ones.

What fresh hell is this???

She and the administration she belongs to play dumb in front of the cameras, but behind them? They whisk away hundreds of Haitian refugees from the border overnight. Google it if you don't believe me. To date: NOBODY knows where they took them or what they have done with them. They are gone without a trace.

Some of these filthy, conservative/Republican politicians are doing their best imitations of their xenophobic grandparents. They are helping this country continue its disgusting, racist, immigration double-standards too.

TONY GONZALEZ: WTF is "God's work" in whipping a Haitian refugee who's probably already malnourished, exhausted, and suffering from PTSD??? Do you think they would be here if they really had a choice???

For crying out loud, there were small Haitian children that watched these things happen! What about how this affected them?

I would say Gonzalez ought to have known better than to talk like a fascist, xenophobic, religious fanatic (even if he was one).

I would: Especially since he is a member of a demographic for which immigration is a pressing issue--but then again: his people were White in their home country weren't they?

They just spoke a different language.


And have you noticed???

The media isn't reporting on this issue as relentlessly as they have reported the recent woes of other demographics. All you hear on the news these days is "I can't believe Afghanistan collapsed!", "How do we address the national debt?", "Guess who's gay???" trivia and "COVID-19 is the fault of the unvaccinated!".

Most of the Democrats who were howling as loud as they could when the migrants were Hispanic/Latinx (save Maxine Waters) are all quiet now.

Yet, come election time, or the death of the next civil rights hero, they'll dare to wear kente cloth for a photo op and say: "#BLM."


You know what?

From now on, I'm on this type of time:

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