Vengeance, Virtue-Signaling & Anti-Blackness in Fullmetal Alchemist

We've seen it before.

The bald social commentary behind animation.

We saw it in The Incredibles 2, the animated X-Men series, The Winx, and Arthur.

As you can see, sometimes I write about it (like I will with The Incredibles 2) and sometimes I don't.

But today, I'm writing about the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, particularly the crap (virtue-signaling and anti-blackness) featured in season 1 episode 34.

Please note the following:

  1. Everyone knows that anime, as well as other forms of media used to tell stories about fictional things, aren't real. However, ALL forms of media used to tell fictional stories have real consequences because they condition their viewers. This media draws on real life. Otherwise: how could we understand, relate to, or find meaning in any of it?

  2. If you get upset that I use the term "Black" in place of "brown-skinned" or "White" in place of "white-skinned", cope. I know these characters aren't Black in the sense of a Black American or White in the sense of a White American. I know this just as well as you know that "black" and "white", as it relates to people, is used to describe a collection of phenotypes that tend to appear together. For this post, these terms will be used in a strictly phenotypic sense.