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Selling Black Pain

Wow. Wow, wow, wowowwowowowowowow.

What do you even start with first???

Do you start with how nobody in the design room could perceive this as wrong, or at least, objectionable? Talk about a lack of empathy.

  • How about the fact that this is a phone case? (Wouldn't most Black people who saw it perceive it as a threat, considering the context of the informant culture--one of the tools of white solidarity--in the western world?)

  • How about the nod to the prison-industrial complex? (being arrested with the handcuffs)

  • How about the nod to death? (the chalk outline, normally found at crime scenes of murders) In fact, how about the nods to premature death, violent death, and Black death???

  • How about the commentary on the power dynamics in race relations? (the hand of a white person is drawing the chalk line and a Black person is within it; Note that the alarmed Black male here is still alive, although the White person is symbolically determining his fate. Talk about a lack of autonomy.)

  • How about the insensitivity? (the fact that this company, Shein, is selling this in the middle of Black Lives Matter protests and a cop-driven genocide against Black people?)

You know, this reminds me of what another company called Shan Shui did recently. Founded, owned, and operated by Paul Chelmis (white male) and Jing Wen (Asian female), the company took to selling shards of glass from South Carolinian BLM protests as jewelry. It was disgustingly immoral and crass. Find out more about them and their "Wear Their Names" jewelry here:


This racial capitalism???


I think I'm gonna be sick.

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