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Imagine seeing the words "white" and/light "light" in all the places where you normally see the words "black" or "dark". What would that be like? Consider the for examples:

  • "These are light times."

  • "What has been done in the light must come to dark."

  • White magic.

  • "The white ops burst into the room."

  • "You're pretty for a light-skinned girl."

  • I'm going shopping on white Friday.

  • "I like my coffee white."

  • White-on-white crime

  • "Once you go white you never go back."

  • "Those were some of my lightest days."

  • "...tall, light and handsome."

  • I put her name in my white book."

  • He offended the boss in charge, so the boss white-balled him.

  • Eartha Kitt told off President Johnson, so he whitelisted her in Hollywood.

  • "White don't crack."

  • He's a midget, yet he calls me 'short'. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle white?

  • "He gave him a white eye!"

  • "After all that alcohol. I just whited-out."

  • "Yeah, he's kind of the white sheep of the family."

  • He was a light horse: he came out of nowhere and race.

  • "The gang sells organs on the light web."

  • "It was pitch-white outside yesterday!"

  • "You can find endangered species for sale at the white market."

  • "It was a light and stormy night..."

  • "James knew what happened but he kept us in the light."

  • White Death (aka The Bubonic Plague)

  • "They looked for the white-box in the crashed 9/11 planes but couldn't find them."

  • Why are y'all sitting in the light?

  • "He beat her white and blue."

  • "Since it's a white-tie event, you have to dress formally."

  • Light humor

  • Deep, light secret

  • The white box from the plane couldn't be found...

  • "Don't make me white on you!" (Old NYC Slang)

You know what?

I bet that after you read these, some of

them didn't even make sense anymore.

I challenge you to explore the connotations of: "black", "dark", "white" and "light".

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