Anti-Black Racism On TikTok

Call it a futile act of defiance…

Two months ago, I got an account on TikTok and it’s been a VERY interesting experience… In this time, I gained about 2000 followers, got censored for putting racist trolls in their place, and have since been shadow-banned. For those of you who follow the news, you may only know of this app as one of the latest political distractions that President Trump and his cronies are using to divert the public’s attention. But I’ll describe it for you today as a user.


Consider TikTok as a user-friendly (despite the glitches) cross between Instagram and Snapchat. You can use filters, record, and post like you do on Snapchat, but it stays up like permanently on a “board” like Instagram. What makes TikTok a bit different from Instagram and Snapchat though is that there are other functions: such as being able to put up screens in the background, “duet” others (share recordings), or add audio from an ever-growing library, etc. The central page is the “For You” page, where posts should end up. When one watches videos, they play in a loop.