A Quick Word About Boku No Hero Academia...

Sometimes I wonder: 'How can they continue to dare? Where does the audacity come from? Is it that these people are emboldened by either the everlasting grace (or cowardice) of Africans (or diasporic Blacks)?'

Just look at the contents of this screenshot from one of the episodes in Boku no Hero Academia (aka My Hero Academia):

The woman depicted above is the Japanese wife of a phenotypically Black character, Rock Lock. Somehow or another, Mrs. Lock decides to abashedly explain the phenotype of their child to viewers by saying: “Genetics went too much in one direction, huh?”

LOLLLZZZZ: What are she trying to say???

That the baby is "too black" or "too dark"? What's wrong with being black or having African features?

This reminds me of the alleged concerns of what color Archie (Megan Markle & Prince Harry's child) would be. If you didn't hear about it, check out a bit about that: