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Let's decode this brief video. I'm gonna use poetry today to do so.

Here it goes!


PURR usual,

You're PURRfectin' hate.

RePURRposing the spirits

in the words that we create.

Cultural appropriatin'

Everything we say!

What the hell is it

With YOU, and making US the way

You express "yourself"?

Your narcissism PURRcolates!

You had your own 'PURRs',

You ain't save for a rainy day:

You destitute our pockets

Yet, you still want us to pay???

We osusu-ed this lingo,

But you think it's somethin' you can take???

It's nasty how obsessed you are,

And how you PURRpetuate

The denial of our PURRsonhood:

So, get your ass AWAY!


*The term "purr" is an abbreviation of the word "period" as it is used in AAVE. It was invented and popularized by Rolling Ray, a social media star, and DC native.

Check out Rolling Ray in action here:

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