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9 Questions About the Afrophobia & Racism in Hunter X Hunter

As I think I've said before, I really liked Hunter x Hunter.


  1. Why did they bother drawing some of the African/Black/brown-skinned characters normally and other ones in the little Black Sambo style (shown above)?

  2. Why weren't there any cool African/Black/brown-skinned characters? Every time we saw any of the ones they created, they were either clowns or invoking religious themes. Did they really have no ideas about alternative story lines for African/Black/brown-skinned characters? In season 2 episode 65, Abegane (this is a west African name) was literally "doing voodoo".

  3. Why did Hunter x Hunter entertain the demonization of an African religion (Vodun)? We were forced to watch Abegane's power, which was associated with voodoo, manifest itself as an ugly, parasitic, slime blob. In fact, wasn't half of his story line committed to what can be called "exorcism"? Annoying af.

  4. Why was Canary (a Black girl) named after an animal? (Her name was Canary.)

  5. Why did Canary have to come from a part of society that one could code read as the ghetto (or the dumpster) of the Hunter x Hunter universe?

  6. Why did Canary have to be a servant?

  7. Why did we have to watch Canary get "disciplined" (beat up by her employer)?

  8. Why did HxH carry on with the map bias that we see in the real world (enlarging North America and Greenland and shrinking continents like Africa or South America)? (Furthermore, why did HxH entertain flat-earth propaganda??? SMH!)

  9. Did Yoshihiro Togashi and his translation team think they were slick alluding to Africa by using the name "the dark continent" when talking about the origins of humans??? Annoying af. If y'all wanted to "remix" the concepts and ideas of modern world for this show, then you should have worked harder than that!

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