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The Resurrection

This is the Resurrection.

Tall tales of unity will not distract us.

Symbols of "diversity" will not protect us.

Our brains are our shields, and our bodies are our weapons.

Our hearts may be heavy

but our souls are not tired.

For they have seen the world.

Just as one cannot see day and night simultaneously.

One cannot see the past and future concurrently.

You cannot be defeated because your people cannot be terminated.

For we are the creators of life and do not fear genetic annihilation.

Be intentional.

This is not The Metamorphosis, this is The Resurrection.

You are not the animal, those that surround you are.

Do not allow yourself to be shamed by those who cannot do what you do.

Those who have hurt and betrayed you and your people cannot stop the resurrection.

Our time is now.

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