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Black Agony

Have you ever felt sorrow?

Pain so deep you can’t move if wanted to

You called on God but stopped because you felt like he abandoned you

Was too cold to think, but too hot to die

Hell was just around the corner

Could’ve sworn you’d seen it with your own eyes

Every car that passed by seemed like a new opportunity to leave

Every moment moving fast wait...FREEZE

Your toes were down but your spirit was afloat

Never paying attention never present enough to get the joke

Bathtubs become tissue boxes

Cleansing water mixed with cleansing water

You never knew there were so many ways to drown

Facial expressions become the new makeup

And you remember that great actresses never show their face

Disappointment seemed to be hunting you

For once the silence was tempting

And the ancestors began to sing

You start to wonder what that other world would bring

Have you ever weeped?

It’s like you're being possessed

Your body can’t control it

You're overwhelmed and feeling like you've lost your sanity

You begin to rethink everything you ever thought about humanity

How could this happen?

The gods must be crazy

Making this call like it was a movie scene

But the scene cut a little bit too early

The white credits pierced the remaining blackness


Maybe you wanted to end with the movie...

Memories are like movies

They come to an end and leave a what if

I am sorry.

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