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Why Isn't Being White Enough?

When Black people passed in the United States, it was to survive.

To try their luck at getting to be “alive”.

So, explain then, the psychoses

that drive you to commit suicide.

What’s so attractive about being “dead” like we are?

About dwelling on “the other side”?

Why are you grave-robbing?

Undertaking, digging deeper into lies?

After how horrible (you know) you've made being Black,

(A veritable war-zone of ever-impending fatal attacks)

Pray tell,

What's the attraction of touring the land behind God's back?

Plagiarizing our biographies,

Blackface & Black-phishing in a rage

Stealing everything, EVERYTHING--!!!

Even the flowers that we managed to put on our own graves:

Forget cultural appropriation!

This is the next stage!

While amid this intermission,

Let me just say:

How y’all gonna tear us down for our ways,

then turn around, and try to be us?

What more could you possibly want?

Why isn’t being white enough?!



(i.e. Some Recent Inductees To The Blackface Gang)

*Jessica Krug*

Mike Ertel

Jimmy Kimmel

Tom Hanks

Robert Downey Jr

Jane Krakowski

Robbie Gattie

Ralph Northam

Oliver Peck

Ted Danson

Mark Herring

Shane Dawson

Brant Tomilson

Justin Trudeau

Anthony Sabatini

Jimmy Fallon

Dov Hikind

Juliane Hough

Billy Crystal

*Rachel Dolezal*


Check out this post to see what Jessica Krug's former students have to say about her (a white woman) pretending to be Black for her entire professional career:

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