"wE wAs KiNgS 'n qUeEnS"

I saw this and did a DEEP chuckle. In fact, as a scientist who knows a bit about evolution, I think I appreciated it more than one would expect. Yes, the joke is a little cold-blooded, but: whatever.

After the deep chuckle, I scoffed and rolled my eyes in exasperation, because I understood the sentiments that this meme portrayed PERFECTLY.

Let's break it down.

Now, bringing the gist of this meme into real life, we can see that the nearest counterparts we have is the group of Black Americans declaring: “We was kings and queens!” We can be sure about our assumption because of the kind of cap seen here on the chicken is one of the few kinds of caps that Black Americans in these circles often accessorize themselves with. (Other types of caps they use indiscriminately include fez and kufi caps seen mainly in north and northwestern/west Africa respectively.)