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Promotional Blog #2: Devin Sues Santa

Hey y'all!

Today I'm going to share a bit about my new book (and very first children's book) Devin Sues Santa. Vey fittingly, it will be released this month.

So, picture this:

What if Santa was real?

What if the Santa's "Naughty" and "Nice" lists were real too?

What if kids on the "Nice" list could ask for whatever gift they wanted?

What if a kid on the Nice list chose not to ask for a toy, but an action instead?

Say...deporting a classmate?

What would Santa do?

Enter, my children's book:


To write this children's book, I drew on the current tense political climate of the US. I chose a red state in the South (Texas) to serve as the story's backdrop. The major themes in the story are as follows:

1. Bullying (and Retaliation)

2. Xenophobia (and/or Racism)

3. Morality (Right vs. Wrong)

4. Immigration (and Deportation)

5. Consequences (of our actions)

You're right:

It seems pretty heavy for a children's book, but relax. None of these themes are used in a way that is too complex for kids (ages 8-10) to understand.



Below are some details that aren't available in the book. You can use them to to further contextualize the story if you purchase the it:

SETTING: The story takes place in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas. The name of the (fictional) school Devin attends is Taylor Elementary School.

DETAILS ON DEVIN: Devin is an 8-year-old white (Spanish heritage) 3rd-grader. He is an honor student, meticulous, and arrogant. He is an only child. His father, Bob Nunes, is a lawyer and a conservative Republican. Bob, like most parents, serves as a source of political conditioning for his son (1-3).

For several reasons, it's likely that when Devin grows up, he will hold the some same political values as his dad.

DETAILS ON JULIO: Julio Roux-Garcia is a Black Hispanic (Haitian & Dominican) 3rd-grader. He is witty but petty. He is 8 years old and has an older sister. His father, Enrique Garcia, is a DREAMer that was brought to the US at two years old. Enrique works two jobs to support his son, Julio. Julio was raised in a Democrat household.

DETAILS ON SOPHIA: Sophia Gautier is a Black 3rd-grader. She is 8 years old. Her family is Creole and moved to Texas from Louisiana. Her parents are doctors. She, like Devin, is an only child. She is sweet, but spoiled. She tends to burst into tears when she doesn't get her way. Sophia was raised in a conservative Democrat household.

DETAILS ON THEO: Theo Moretti is an 8-year old white (Italian heritage) 3rd-grader. He has three siblings. His mom is a marine, and his dad is in the army. Theo is jolly but crude. He likes sports and plays football. Theo was raised in a Republican household.


This book will be available on Amazon ( and the SMS website ( . If you're looking for something new and different to read to your kids, or something to use to spark discussion in your classroom, consider trying out my book.

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