The Issue With The Equity Picture

I'm sure that many of you have seen some version of this image. Originally created by Craig Froehle (in another form), it depicts the difference between 'equality' (A) and 'equity' (B) using a group of people trying to watch a baseball game.

Let's ignore the symbolism of choosing a game, and baseball (nicknamed "America's Favorite Pastime") of all possible games, to depict this issue.

This picture attempts to show how equality, although frequently touted as the solution for the inequality in our societies, doesn't necessarily give all parties involved equal access to "the game".

Looking through the pictures, we progress from: A) One fence, one box each, and visibility only for some people, to B) One fence, a varying number of boxes for each, and visibility for all.

This picture was shared millions of times as shown above. I guess most people thought that that was a proper depiction of equity.

But I never thought it was.

What I saw was the ghost of classism and/or victim-blaming.

I mean, why were they standing outside the fence in the first place???