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The Colonizer's Banquet

Today, I'm writing a bit of poetry again, but I'm going to depart from the sort of free-style stuff I usually do. Instead, I will use a type of Japanese poetry called "haiku".

The haiku follows a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable pattern.


Dressing Up For the Banquet (Pt. 1A)

White women, whom everyone seems to forget were just as diabolical as their male counterparts…

“Do you like my purse?

I made it out of your skin. (1)

Just kidding! (Maybe.)”

Let Us Be Seated (Pt. 2A)

Small-talk amongst white enslavers, and their most successful ideological offspring: the 1%…

“A man cannot ride

Your back unless it is bent?” (2)

So, let’s break their backs!”

A Sturdy Ottoman (Pt. 2B)

“With the right combo:

Whips, labor, defamation…

They’ll bow forever!”

Water (Pt. 3A)

One western nation says to another:

“How do their tears taste?

Like mineral water, right?

I know. Thirst-quenching!!!”

Milk (Pt. 3B)

White youth (<40) as they culturally appropriate…

“I want that titty: (3)

To suck till I come of age…

Till I find myself.”

Wine (Pt. 3C)

White liberals amongst themselves…

“What?! Their blood is red???

Who would have thought? Anyway…

Pour it in my cup!”

The Main Course (Pt. 4A)

What conservatives really mean when they talk about “bootstraps”…

“If you ask me, their

ancestors tasted better. (4)

They were leaner meat.”

The Irony in "Free" (Pt.4B)

“Free-range U.S. Prime …

Remember the barbeques? (5)

All that…smoking flesh…

Desert (Pt. 5A)

“Sexy Chocolate?”

It is not an accident

We call you that name.

Fruit (Pt. 5B)

“The forbidden fruit...

…And the strange fruit on the tree? (6)

To us? They’re the same.”

-The white southerners who forgot they were Eve (and the Devil).

A Final Toast (Pt. 6A)

“Here’s to Africa!

We toast to her children too!

They have kept us full:

They’ve been nutritious,

Food that made us filthy rich,

Food that we could wear,

Food that we could fuck! (7)

Talk about a super-crop:

Cornucopia! (8)



The super-crop shown as the cover image is Cassava (Manihot esculenta), a commonly eaten crop in West Africa.

(1) There are rumors that Nat Turner’s skin was made into clothing (a purse) and furniture (in addition to his bones being auctioned off all over the place…),be%20handed%20down%20as%20heirlooms.%E2%80%9D

(2) A quote by MLK Jr.

And, just a little more context, FYI...

(4) Check out the book: The Delectable Negro: Human Consumption and Homoeroticism within US Slave Culture

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