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Social Justice in 1D

When the ignorant speak,

their words are crude and unseemly.

It doesn't matter what the topic is.

You just want to censor them--

to keep them from cluttering your peace of mind...

That's how I felt reading through the manhwa (webtoon) Dice during chapters 217-219. At the end of chapter 219, I just thought to myself: 'How very Merchant of Venice. When will they just shut up and stay in their lane instead of embarrassing themselves and making a mockery of our struggle??? TF is wrong with these people??? Why attempt to include our stories at all if you're planning to tell such flat, demeaning ones???'


The excerpts below are from chapters 218 & 219 of Dice.

I do not own the rights to any of following depicted material.



(There are lots of physically strong people in Dice. What's so 'mOnStRoUs' about Black Brother #1's strength??? He was never called 'the strongest' or anything... Non-Blacks love trying to linguistically link Africans and Black people to beasts or the supernatural don't they?)


(Why doesn't he have any pupils???)

(WTF does that mean in the context of this webtoon??? There's no such thing as a 'mEnTaL AtTaCk'.)

('nOn-ViOlEnT??? As opposed to whose violence? His brother's? Why is his brother the only one described as violent when every goddamned person in this arc is fighting??? It's literally a fighting tournament. If they meant that 'Player 2' doesn't fight or has low physical strength, they could have just said that. )

(He's maxed out his powers in logic...yet: this simple chart is cOnFuSiNg??? OK, lol. )

(LMAOOOO!!! But 'Black Bother #2' is supposed to be the smart one, right? This is what the author Hyunseok Yun made this character's ultra-logic come up with??? Way to engage with a motte-and-bailey fallacy to defend your anti-blackness, sir. ROFL.)

(Again, why doesn't he have pupils???)

(Enter every quick rendition of anti-blackness, afrophobia, and xenophobia that the author can cram into the panel, AS IF anyone needed the examples of what these systems of hatred look or sound like. We know what the deal is, but traumatize us anyway, why don't you? Black pain is SO eNtErTaiNiNg, isn't it?)

("Snigger"??? Hmmm: seems racially motivated--what happened to "Ku ku ku ku" or "LOL"??? What about: "Ha ha ha" ? No??? Ok.)

(Oh wow! A reference to brown skin being 'dirty', and 'washing off' the cause of the stigma. How quaint...)

(Aww, small favors...)

(Lol, 'jaundiced'??? They could have done better than that! Fire the translator.)

(Black Brother #2 can't figure out a little chart for PVP but he can talk about strata??? And do I detect a hint of excuse-making for the oppression that occurs in strata systems?)

(Of course! We must witness the murder of a Black person in detail, even after such a moving story. He couldn't just be beaten up. He needed to be murdered by the the little porn-making waif. AND, we had to witness his death twice (through #2's glasses and then again directly), right? To drive the point home that making everyone Black to stop prejudice is wrong. bLaCk SuPrEmAcY must be stopped!!! Somehow, these brothers are ultimately not worth our sympathy, are they? But the sex-tape making serial killer that they were PVPing is worth our sympathy???)

(Hemophobia to kill two birds with one stone? LOL, how convenient.)


FOH, Hyunseok Yun.

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