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I wish I could live my life how white men walk on sidewalks in America

Confident and taking each step without hesitation

Being certain about my security at all times because this sidewalk was made for me

You don't believe me?

Have you ever seen a white man walk into a new neighborhood?

The sidewalks start to change

It's like each footstep is a reset button

As they walk over the people who were previously in the neighborhood

They know that everyone who stands as a barrier will to their journey will fall

The most impressive thing is that they never look down

Only forward

When I walk on sidewalks

I hold my head up but I can't see anything because people are blocking my view

When I change strategies and look down

I can't help but pity the people who sleep on the sidewalk instead of using it to walk

I hate the sidewalk

When I move around people don't scatter for me

Instead they stare because I'm walking

Black women don't walk the same as white men

They notice others and people make their path difficult

But I won't be on this sidewalk for long

I've seen all that I needed to see

Soon, I'll decide to fly with my people and live my life how white men walk on sidewalks

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