Queen I'dia of the Great Benin Kingdom: 20ft Tall & in Brass

As an artist, I am often struck by the works of the creator (ex. the patterns on animals and plants, sunsets, etc.). There is so much beauty, design, and flair in nature.

Furthermore, I think that we (humans) have a special capacity for creation (and admiring it).

I ended up thinking these things again while seeing an exclusive work of art in Nigeria this summer.

In Benin City, we have a street called Ogun Street. It is where the artisans that still carry on our famous bronze and brass-casting make and sell their work.

Through a family connection, I had the privilege of seeing a private collection of bronze and brass sculptures by Bini artisans. As we marveled at the work, we asked questions and took pictures. (Check out some of the pictures below.)

Pleased with our interest, the chief artesian allowed us to see one more thing...

As he unlocked the gate, he cautioned us. He told us that we could not to take pictures of this one because: because the Oba (our current king, Oba Ewa