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No Nuance November: Beyoncé @ Madame Toussands

"No Nuance November" is a trend online in which people state their opinions or point-of-view without trying to cater to political correctness or apologists. While participating in the No Nuance November trend, folks say what they say without elaborating on their views,

In honor of No Nuance November, I'm gonna state all the impressions I have of these wax figures, with no explanation.

Below are 3 wax figures of Beyoncé at two Madame Toussands locations (NYC & London) at two points in time (2017 & 2019). The first two (from left to right) are from NYC (2017) and the third one is from London (2019). The second one was the "correction" or upgrade of the first one. (Beyoncé, herself, is in the fourth picture on the far left.)

Here's how these pictures look to me:

  1. (The first one) A white woman with a bad tan

  2. (The second one) A white woman who is Black-phishing; A concession

  3. (The first two) Anti-Blackness; Cultural Appropriation; Colonialism; Denial; A lack of skill by the artist

  4. (The third one) A surprisingly good rendition. of Beyoncé...

Rhetorical Question: Why do they (white people) white-wash our (BIPOC) likenesses when we are 'successful' (and vice-versa)?

This is not exclusive to wax-figures of Beyoncé. Check out what one Person of Non-Color did to Rihanna's likeness:\

According to her: "Rihanna would look so much more beautiful if she was white."

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