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Face Me Like A (Hu)man! (I Never Did Like Hide-And-Seek...)

Men are full of it.

Since they create and enforce the cultures of the world, they’ve been uniquely positioned to use all the virtues in human nature to describe themselves:

They are the ‘strong’, ‘brave’, ‘direct’, ‘rational’, ‘assertive’, ‘clear’, ‘mature’, ‘decisive’, and ‘powerful’ ones. They are the ones for whom sex is a compliment. They are the ones that have God’s approval …

But what are women?

The opposite. The other. Objects. Afterthoughts. Omens. Personified weakness…?

tHe BrInGeRs Of SiN and distraction...


Initially, it was with dejection that I employed (even a version) this idiom for my title…because it reminded me of just how poorly men view womanhood. But since I am as well-read as I am resourceful, I didn’t feel that way for long. I remembered one of Maya Angelou’s quotes: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

In the spirit of the latter half of that quote, I was inspired to employ a contextual shift:

At times, ‘man’ can mean ‘human’.

I am human. :)

Furthermore, if a man can face his fears head on, then, as a person who is allegedly ‘of man’ (woman), I should be capable of the same. So now, I can *Kevin Hart Voice* ‘say it with [my] chest!’:

“Come out and face me like a (hu)man!!!”

Who am I talking to?

Good question.

Today, I’m talking to white supremacists (theoretically all white people), and anti-black agents (theoretically everyone else, especially those without significant African ancestry). Check out the definitions below:

White Supremacy (noun) – A belief in the inherent superiority of the white race (Europeans) to all other races, especially as it relates to the Blacks (Africans). This psychosis also comes complete with the opinion that this inherent superiority gives them the right to establish dominion over the earth and its inhabitants.

Anti-Blackness (noun) – An aversion to the African (Black) race, as well as the cultural or natural symbols that evoke members of this race. More derived versions of this phenomena extend this disdain for Black (African) people to things that are increasingly intangible (such as emotions or language).

So of course, white supremacists and anti-black agents would be people that engage in these kinds of behaviors.


The Myers-Briggs personality test is all the rage these days in white, socio-educational/professional spaces dominated by people under ~40. I took it once.

I (reliably) got ‘INTJ’.

Then I took it three more times (at other times and dates) to make sure that the outcome was the same. I got the same response every time, so, I think it’s legit.

Why do I mention this?

Because I want you to get where I’m coming from as a person:

‘An Architect (INTJ) is a person with the Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging personality traits. These thoughtful tacticians love perfecting the details of life, applying creativity and rationality to everything they do…It can be difficult for Architects to find people who can keep up with their non-stop analysis of things…(NERVIS Analytics Limited, 2020).’


LONG STORY SHORT, I AM A RELENTLESS THINKER. There are only a few things that I take for granted and don’t scrutinize. Considering this, what kind of commentary can you expect from me in future blogs?

Expect me to connect racism to the design of chairs offhandedly. Expect me to speculate about why Abraham Lincoln is on the only brown coin used in the USA (and why that coin is considered worthless by all). Expect me to question why they wanted to put Harriet Tubman on the back of the Andrew Jackson-bearing $20 bill (of all the notes they could have chosen). Expect me to opine about how racism is behind how they (colonizers and/or their minority pets) name social phenomena, natural phenomena, or manufactured knock-offs of nature’s delicacies (white lies, white holes, white chocolate, white sugar). Despite being a staunch proponent of formal education, expect me to say that it’s likely a classist mechanism for population control (since it usually and technically affects both fitness and fecundity in a negative way).

Sometimes you might think I’m reaching in my writing when I talk about the links between symbolism and RWSAB. But bear with me: This is my fun and there is no object too small for me to tinker with. I like to probe, question, doubt, and be skeptical before I come to the climax of a decision.

I love those:


Maybe because I hardly ever change mine since it gives me such comfort to arrive at them. I guess that’s what these zodiac posts mean when they say that Aquarius is a ‘fixed’ sign.

But I digress.

I’m talking to white supremacists and anti-black agents. Come out and face me like a human. Show yourself! Stop hiding your white-supremacist and anti-black hate behind media (movies, shows, museum exhibits, etc)—y’all ain’t slick. Let’s stop playing hide-and-go-seek and cut the crap:

Did y’all think I didn’t notice that when Black Panther was out, all you could say was that The Avengers: Infinity War would do better in the box office??? You think I didn’t catch symbolic prostration when you white supremacists made T’Challa give Captain America (who came unprepared to battle, tf?!) compliments to assuage your inferiority complexes about your comparative lack of virility??? You think I didn’t notice how y’all made T’Challa and Second Lieutenant Amerikkka run the exact same speed when they were going into battle??? (What, T’Challa can’t be faster? What, is this your idea of respect? Defying the stereotypes that YOU made??? FOH!)

Did y’all think that Africans (like me, for example) knew nothing about human evolutionary biology??? That I wouldn’t notice the white-washing in the opening theme of The Big Bang Theory when y’all mentioned Neandethals as if everyone has Neanderthal ancestry (or more specifically, as much Neanderthal ancestry as your average white person) (Sankararaman et al. 2012)? (Furthermore, non-Black scientists: did y’all think that nobody noticed your desperation in the scientific literature to redeem yourselves after you found notable traces of bestiality in your genes?)

I’m reminiscing! The irony (!) at the start of this decade as genetics gave birth to the threat of African exceptionalism was delicious. I mean, all this time, y’all had prostituted science to homogenize us, and liken us to monkeys (Diogo 2017). But then, surprise! Suddenly, it seemed that Africans (& the African diaspora) were the only true humans… I bet you white supremacists and anti-Black agents lost sleep at night as your jealousy and confirmation biases copulated. At the end of their protracted labor, you held the fruit of your womb in your arms: Finally, there was eViDeNcE that Africans were sub-human freaks “too” (Chen et al. 2020).


And show yourselves, you anti-black agents…why hide behind ‘art gallery’ exhibits in a museum (

This game?

This game where y’all get to hide in being inhumane for sElF-dEfEnSe (Cress-Welsing 1991)??? And I got to search for your humanity??!


I’m not playing any more.

Come out and face me like a human!



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