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Disclaimer: My Writing Style Is FIERCE...Don't Say I Didn't Warn You...

Brethren, for today’s commentary, I will introduce you to my writing style. It is imperative that you get this now because I will not be able to stop much to explain later. I’d hate for you to be surprised or get confused. I want you to know just what you are in for. (This site is rated TV-14.)

GRAMMAR | I will adhere to grammar for the most part. But I will use slang and break the rules here and there. Get ready for my run-on sentences.

NAME-CALLING | Expect it, brethren.

GEOGRAPHY | Generally, the things that I write will be in the context of the USA. But I might mention other places as well.

WRITING STYLE | In the past, The Adversaries always acted like I had blasphemed in my emails, letters, and school newspaper articles. They accused me of rudeness and insolence...Ha! Let’s set the record straight:

Dear Adversaries,

Do you want to know how you felt in my words?

You felt possessed:

With my words, I was in your ear, and you heard me tell you about yourself before you could cover it. You couldn’t stop reading because when I stood up for myself, the only thing you could do was to sit down and stew in your feelings. And I read you: You were in the palm of my hand, I was fortune-telling, it was straight Calvinism!

(*gOd CoMpLeX aCtIvAtE*)

You know what, Adversaries?

Why fight predestination???

All y’all can go straight to hell.

But I digress:

*Soulja Boy Voice* “Blasphemed?!?!???”

Don’t be ridiculous!

For the folks I am critical of, my writing style is more like…the condemnation of an angry prophet at most—All this is borrowed power, sweetie: Take it up with God!

Next on the docket, we have the following:

DICTIONARY | There are certain acronyms that I’ll borrow or make up and use to save time. There are also some additional terms that the other Head Cryptographer and I have decided to use for our purposes as well. The terms with stars indicate terms that I made up (original terms). All the rest are borrowed terms. Please see below:

RWSAB: Racism, White Supremacy, & Anti-Blackness

Elites: Members of The Oligarchy

Botz”*/“Crustaceans”: The trolls & haters that we will block or cuss out in the future. (Please note: These terms may also be used to describe the Kumbaya Hos, Africans/Blacks with slave mentalities or Snowflakes.

Head Cryptographer”: Term used to refer to me or my sister in our capacities as officers in The Oligarchy.

The “Inner Circle”: A badge/term given to The Hyper Elite members of The Oligarchy that demonstrate exceptional insight, talent, patronage or participation.

Seminal Members: A badge/term given to the first five members of The Oligarchy. (And, surprise! No longer available since they’ve already been given out!)

“Edo Elites”: A badge/term given to members of The Oligarchy that share the tribal affiliation of the Head Cryptographers. (My sister and I are proud Edo women. Our family hails from the great Benin City of Edo State, Nigeria. You may know the Edo by our phenomenal bronzes, the elaborate full-body coral-bead style that other Nigerian tribes culturally appropriate at their weddings, or the Queen Mother Mask that the detestable British stole during their invasion of our EXTANT kingdom.)

The “Agianute”: A badge/term given to members of The Oligarchy who are chosen to be part of The Erudite Court. “Agianute” is an Edo word meaning “extremely clever”. It is just about the highest compliment that one can pay to another’s intellect in my culture. Long story short, we recognize those that receive this title as great intellectuals.

The “Omobue”: A badge/term given to members of The Oligarchy who are chosen to be part of The Court of Creatives. “Omobue” is an Edo word meaning “the people that mold things” (sculptors, basically). We chose this term, as opposed to any of the other terms that connote other types of artists, because we felt that it flowed: Creatives are influencers who mold things. We use this title to refer to our most outstanding creatives (studio artists, craftsmen, photographers, graphic designers, writers, poets, dancers, singers, storytellers, etc.). At some point in the future, some of the “Omobue” may be invited to write blogs about sanctioned topics on this site.

The “Ivbiyokuo”: A badge/term given to members of The Oligarchy who are chosen to be part of The Secret Police. “Ivbiyokuo” is an Edo word meaning “a group of warriors”. We use this title to refer to our members that exemplify fierce African pride and/or pro-Blackness. They are the vanguard. These are the ones who will unapologetically speak their African (or AAVE/creole/pidgin) language anywhere. These are the ones that wear ankara and lace as professional attire. These are the ones that have terminal degrees before they are 30. These are the ones that correct the lazy people that mispronounce their African names every single time. They are the ones that people shout at in exasperation: “eVeRyThInG iSn’T aLwAyS aBoUt RaCe!”/“lOvE iS bLiNd!”/“eVeRyThInG iSn’T aLwAyS bLaCk AnD wHiTe!”

In the future, those who have received the title of “Ivbiyokuo” will serve as moderators on our YouTube channel, where they can disapparate any Crustaceans if need be.

Africentrism”: A philosophy, socio-cultural movement and lifestyle with the continental African point-of-view at the center of experience/being. (This is opposed to Afrocentrism, which I’d say is a movement that focuses more on the African diaspora’s point-of-views outside the continent.)

Kumbaya Hos”*/ “Plantation Princess”/ “Foster Care Liberals”*/ “Samehritans”*: Diet pan-Africans. Those NBC-quoting, apologetic, assimilationist Blacks/Africans who are occasionally blinded by their middle-class status. They can often be found swearing subservience to the idol of the Republican Party outside church in the hopes of retaining their hard-earned capital. Those Black/African silver-lining-addicted, “can’t we all just get along”, “someday we shall overcome”, “one-race-the-human-race”, “all-lives-matter”, “caping-for-every-goddamned-POC-there-is-before-those-groups-even-lift-a-finger-for-themselves” types.

“Minority Pets”*: Minorities that rush to defend white people at the slightest criticism. Those “I Am nOt OpPrEsSeD” types. You know them, the token Black/Hispanic/Asian or Native American that can be found saying the following: "wE nEeD tO aDvAnCe ThE rACe"/"mIxEd BaBiEs ArE so (much) cUtE(r than non-mixed babies) or “dOn’T gEnErAlIzE tHeY’rE nOt AlL bAd”/ “tHeY bEeN gOoD tO mE”. Those white best-friend/white-relative/white significant-other having types whose carnal or kinship relations with whites bind them to censorship.

“BHB”*: Boo-hoo bitch. This is a dismissive term that is used for people that want us to keep expending our energy defending, guiding, or babysitting them. This term is also used for lazy people of non-color who want us to do the liberation work for them when they are the ones that hold the keys to all the chains.

“People of Non-Color”*/“Colonizers”, etc.: Europeans and whites. The preeminent descendants of Homo neanderthalensis. Generally: racist, afrophobic, anti-black sociopaths that hide behind the ten areas of people-activity and psychological defense mechanisms as they practice either overt or covert white supremacy. Did you hear? Some of them are even “taking responsibility” these days. Shocking!

so·ci·o·path /ˈsōsēōˌpaTH/


  1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior [white supremacy in a nutshell] and a lack of conscience [refusing to enact any substantive change to mitigate the effects of historical oppression or redress the grievances of minorities]. (1)

“Pigs”: Feds. An extra legal, co-ed fraternity. Initiation rites include homicide. Their colors are navy blue and riot gear. GED and whiteness preferred. (Hope you’re not squeamish, because I heard they use blood to wash their hands instead of soap.)

“Code”: Videos and pictures

“Keys”: Quotes

The Adversaries: Nameless, insufferable extras (haters) who tried to resist becoming stepping-stones on my path to greatness.

The last thing that I want to clarify is what I mean when I say ‘media’. On The Vanguard blogs, ‘media’ generally means any of the following: anime, manga, cartoons, comics or dramas. However, depending on the context, it can also mean: books, videos, TV shows, magazines, newspapers, websites, the news, or content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+ etc..

Hope this helps clarify things.

And perhaps…I’ll see you next time?


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