Anti-Blackness In: Woke - Pt. 2

Brethren, let us continue. If you recall, I was in the middle of a long list about the racist erasure of the Black experience/struggle and how poorly they articulated these themes.

11. There’s the nonsense in (I think) the second episode. It started out with an interesting exploration of gaslighting, which, hilariously and predictably, failed to get this materialistic, sniveling coward (the protagonist) his job back. Then, we get to watch a filthy scene in which the following things happen: 1) the white man who was so hands-on and talkative before when the deal was being constructed was no where to be found when the deal was broken. He sent out the white-passing Asian minority to do the dirty work of getting rid of the Black guy (as they actively “stole” all the rights to his comic strip, Toast and Butter in the background).This is a classic example of how whites have historically either overtly or covertly pitted minorities against each other in the United States. And of course the woman was Asian (model minority myth—ACTIVATE!!!), who condescended to give the Black protagonist a lecture about how he had to pay his “dues” (be the palatable minority for a while) before he acted up (spoke on controversial issues or became controversial). She gave an example of John Legend of ALL people…WTH?