Esohe is a Nigerian-American Biologist and doctoral candidate in the Department of Biology at Howard University. Her hobbies include drawing, reading, listening to music, and watching anime. Although her background is in STEM, she is also an artist. In 2019, her artwork was displayed in the “Insight and Intersections: Connecting Art and Science” exhibit at Howard University’s Interdisciplinary Research Building. Esohe is not just an artist--she is also an award-winning volunteer who has received training in bioethics and public engagement through the AAAS. For over a decade, she has honed her public speaking skills as an event moderator, a host, and a presenter at conferences. Most recently, she served as the moderator for the December 2019 Black Table Talks event at West Virginia University. 

Scientist, Artist, & Chief Operating Officer (COO) for The Oligarchy

Political Scientist, Poet & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for The Oligarchy


Omosede is a Nigerian-American Political Scientist, and a law student at Howard University. She has a background in Sociology and African History. Her hobbies include reading, photography, writing and listening to music. Previously, she worked at the Truth Initiative in Washington DC which is one of America’s largest non-profit public health organizations. During her time there she worked closely with the community outreach team and the public policy department to fight against the youth vaping epidemic and the nationwide opioid crisis, especially as it relates to marginalized groups. Recently, Omosede single-handedly created, planned and executed an event called the Black Table Talks with more than 100 participants at West Virginia University in December 2019. 


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